- the art & science of Transcendence
Mahajinam is the ‘esoteric’ essence of spiritual technology. It is the COMPLETE art & science of ‘conquering’ Life and mastering existence. Mahajinam has existed since times immemorial…and many have mastered its wisdom and transcended to a state of pure ‘Beingness'. Mahajinam vigyan (science) promises not only the essence of eastern philosophy…but the philosophical essence of the universe!
- living Life in joyful harmony
‘Vihar’ is a special word. It is synonymous to breezing through life on the wings of pure ecstasy. Every moment of our lives is precious; one should be able to taste its true flavour. To do that, one has to master the art of Living. ‘Viharan' is the ‘Vihar-tantra’ of life, where the threads of esoteric life principles are woven together. Mahajinam philosophy advocates that divinity is perceived in our day to day life first……..
Kaivalyam - EVOSSENCE
- The manifestation of pure & complete ‘BEINGNESS'
Spirituality is not the pursuit of something abstract. It addresses the very quality of your existence. It signifies the divinity of the universe as a whole and the divinity within you. The true practice of spirituality delivers heartbreaking purity, that ontological beauty … of resonating in purity of your own “beingness”. KAIVALYAM is the science of achieving the purity of your beingness!
Adhyatmayogi - Founder
Dr Mayank Shah - The spark of Divinity
“ I am eternal….I am the unchanging essence in this changing universe ….. I am Anantara. That is my true IDENTITY ! “
Tatvagnana - knowledge
ESOTERIA - Sips of Philosophical wisdom
Simply speaking, Tattva are parts, principles or aspects of Nature. The cognisance of the same forms the basis of knowledge (Gnana) . However, the study of tattva is not just an intellectual phenomenon but a platform for ‘anubhava’ - a divine experience. Drinking from this fountain of knowledge is the first step towards transcendental experience…..
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