- manifesting your Eternal Self !
The Core

‘Philosophy’ is the basis of understanding the reality of our existence. This understanding is important to give meaning to our lives. It also reveals the technology of our transcendence - overcoming our limitations and the evolution to our highest potential!

Philosophy evolved as a science of the universe, and survived at two distinct levels; the basic level (referred to as ‘Jinatva’ - conquering ones shortcomings) which was practised by the masses and the advanced level (referred to as ‘MahaJinatva’ - achieving ones highest potentials) which was revealed only to a chosen few. While the former dealt with winning life, the latter was the key to the ultimate goal. The science of Mahajinatva is institutionalised as MAHAJINAM.

Mahajinam is all about understanding the essence of philosophy. The word Mahajinam is unique - it means…. ‘a superior form of victory’; it deals with the conquering of the forces which tend to put us down and which muddle our intelligence and judgement, it also deals with the transcendence of our virtues to their highest potential……. Mahajinam is the complete technology of evolution.

Simply speaking, philosophy is also the science of living right and existing correctly. Its fundamental aim is to free the individual from his ignorance, which is the root cause of his pains and sufferings. This is the hidden essence at the core of all philosophical faiths and religions. Directly or indirectly, each one of them talks about emancipation , salvation, Moksha, kailvalya - all different ways of conveying Freedom from Suffering!

Philosophy is usually served in a ‘religious’ format , where the fundamental practices of self evolution are carefully imbibed in its rituals ; or that is what it was actually meant to be ! Mahajinam emphasis on understanding the fundamentals, adopting the right practices and experiencing the self-transformation.

Mahajinam, at its core, believes that everything that exists, exists for a purpose. The universe and all existence itself is the key to divine knowledge and evolution. All existence has to be understood and experienced unconditionally. The ‘unconditioning’ of the SELF is the first prerequisite of all spiritual practices.

Mahajinam is the amalgamation of all facets of philosophy and religion…….

Mahajinam represents the amalgamation of all philosophical faiths and beyond. It represents the eternal and universal aspect of spirituality, one which is pure and complete. Mahajinam implies the science of transformation and transcendence.

Our existence is a reality; so also are our philosophical quests. Our virtues are real; and so also are their potentials ! The only logical aspect of philosophical sciences is ‘transcendence’ ; the evolution to higher or penultimate forms of our existence. It is important for a student of philosophy to perceive the divine in all faiths - they may represent different levels of attainment, representing the milestones of evolution. Amalgamating all such levels is the only way to complete the journey.


Every journey begins with a single step; more correctly….every journey truly begins with a correct step! The correctness of our first step is the key to progress and reaching the destination. If the step is in the wrong direction, the journey has truly not even begun….. The pursuit of spirituality is a journey. One has to take the right step…to begin the journey. Aligning oneself to the path of spirituality is of utmost importance. Then the journey happens effortlessly.

Mahajinam is the key to a superior philosophical understanding. It unfolds the secrets of a divine spiritual technology, the original knowledge, which has served as the inspirational source for many philosophical streams of today. Mahajinam represents the ‘inner circle’, the core of a dynamic, vibrant and powerful spiritual culture, which was well preserved within the hearts of the more evolved disciples of the divine path !

Mahajinam is ‘teertha’ - where teertha represents the fire of pure knowledge, which burns ignorance and culminates in SELF REALISATION. Mahajinam assumes the role of ‘teertha’ ; the eternal spring of divine transcendental energy, which sparks a spiritual transformation and attainment of the penultimate state of existence.

Some of the unique philosophical concepts presented herewith will serve to illuminate its rich philosophical legacy and importance. They are

AAGAMA - Knowledge without ‘knowing’ ………

‘Agama is a unique state of consciousness which resonates with universal intelligence”

SAMYAKTVA - The discovery of truth……

The cognisance of reality begins with purity of perception (darshan)…….

SANANTARA - The essence of Life

Ananatara meaning ‘infinite dimensions of consciousness' is the causal core of the spiritual and material world……

AYOGI - cultivating non attachment

Non Attachment is not about possessions; it is an attitude of independent existence.